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Folders & Tags: Reflections on Vannevar Bush

“When data of any sort are placed in storage, they are filed alphabetically or numerically, and information is found (when it is) by tracing it down from subclass to subclass…The … Continue reading

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Remember when “Powers of Ten” was the best thing ever?

I wanted to find a way to share this with you all. It’s very similar to “Powers of Ten” (which those of you who took Information Design with me may remember from … Continue reading

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This was originally posted in the Information Design blog as part of my coursework. Taking readings both from last week’s coverage of wayfinding, and the Information Design Handbook’s chapter on … Continue reading

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So here’s the story…

I spent approximately three years working in a library after graduating from the University of Chicago.  About a year and a half in, I started thinking, “Huh. I guess I … Continue reading

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One morning–very early–walking through the stacks, I came across these abandoned little fellows. They struck me as kind of sad, given that they were just left lying there on the … Continue reading

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There’s a clacks in the tubes

One of the many perks of having outdated, clunky software with which to run your entire library is enduring the occasional techno temper tantrum. Just the other morning, I walked … Continue reading

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Preposition-happy misprints

Take a look at these two titles, and tell me what’s wrong with them: I didn’t even notice at first, myself. It’s amazing to me how the human brain will … Continue reading

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