That Is Not A Bookmark

Loranne's Adventures in Librarying


Hi there. I’m Loranne, and I’m a newly-minted librarian, having just finished my MLIS studies at Syracuse University. This used to be a blog about the weird things I found in the library I worked in. But, now that I’m off to school again, I sadly had to leave that behind.

Here I’ll be posting thoughts about the library universe in general, and library school in particular. Additionally, you’ll find a number of my posts dedicated to showcasing projects I’ve worked on or completed.

While my background is in academic libraries, my professional interests are many and varied, as reflected in my MLIS coursework, which has included: information design and visualization; database management; information policy; gamification; and digital librarianship.

Since I’ll soon be finishing my degree, I’m currently on the lookout for what I’ll do next! If you or someone you know might be interested in discussing professional opportunities with me, you can see my resume here.