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The FFL Art Spot Project

As part of my coursework for completing my MLIS, I (along with three of my talented peers) created a three-part plan for an in-house art gallery, venue, and accompanying programming ideas for the Fayetteville Free Library. This was to serve as an expansion of a preexisting, but somewhat informal, art space.

Together, with input from staff liaison Brenda at the FFL, we developed our plan to renovate the space, introduce new programming and branding, assess the impact of the project, and market this new facet of the library. Below, you can view our entire plan, from start to finish.

This was probably one of the most tedious undertakings I encountered during my program–attention to detail was of the utmost importance, and there were so many details! We also had a very wide scope in terms of audience: our goal was to reach every last one of the FFL’s community members (both library users and non-users) of all ages.

That said, this was also possibly the most enlightening project. I came away with a much better grasp of just how much is required to make a library program really work, and it is such a long list of necessary resources! Then, during the assessment phase, we had to make allowances for failure–what if it didn’t work? What if nobody liked it? I kept some version of Dave’s  mantra in my head at all times: “Don’t be afraid to fail.” And furthermore, don’t be afraid to fail BIG. Or often. Because that fear holds you back from taking risks. So, although we had moments of doubt, we went for it. And our library partners at the FFL seemed quite happy with the outcome.

Even a year later, I look back on this project, proud of what we accomplished. Thanks for everything, team.

Take a look at our FFL Art Spot Plan!

Collaborators on this project:

Mia Breitkopf
Casey Koons
Emma Montgomery

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